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The Circuit III: Final Flight





This is part of a trilogy, action movie series; The Circuit, The Circuit II and The Circuit III that I did with my dear friend Producer, Director Jalal Merhi of film One.  

Merhi is an action star himself and has produced numerous action movies and TV shows.


In all 3 movies I play Nicole the love interest of the lead Olivier Gruner


The Circuit  

stars Olivier Gruner, Loren Avedon, Billy Drago, Simon Kim, James Kim and Michael Blanks

Dirk Longstreet (Gruner) is a University professor. But ten years ago, Dirk Longstreet was actually Dirk Lincoln, the Eastern Seaboard Champion of an illegal underground fighting society, known to its members as 'The Circuit'. Dirk is happy with his new name and profession, but when his brother, Jeremy enrolls in the fighting society to make money. Longstreet has to make a choice - let Jeremy learn from his own mistakes, or step back into the vicious underworld he walked away from. Dirk infiltrates his way back into the underground pit fights to face The Circuit's new champion, Kwan (the tiger Twins), and the new owner of The Circuit, Vixton.

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