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Gail Thackray A.K.A Gail Harris

Treasure Hunt





Treasure Hunt  ( Originally titled Survive This!)


A spoof on the reality series, Survivor.


Director Jim Wynorski, Producer Roger Corman Jr.


This was one of the most unique fun shoots I did. We shot this in Hawaii. Director Jim Wynorski did this as a semi-reality semi acted show, about a group of young people surviving in the jungle while they keep getting knocked off. It’s a who-done-it show. Wynorski kept us actors in the dark too. Every morning at breakfast we’d receive our shots and scripts for the day. It was a loose outline with a lot of ad-lib. However we didn’t know until that morning whether our character was getting knocked off or not. Every night at dinner, we’d all try to figger out who the killer was. Wynorski would go around the table and whisper in each person’s ear, the directions.


What we absolutely didn’t know until the last scene was that Wynorski was literally writing this as we went along! He was going off what the actors guessed or didn’t guess at the dinner table!


The outtakes are hilarious.


All I can tell you is I’m still alive at the end!

Typical Wynorski style, people getting killed and lots of skimpy outfits and cleavage.

Stars  Gail Thackray aka Gail Harris, Glori-Anne Gilbert, Ted Monte, Melissa Brasselle,  Richard Gabai, Samantha Phillips from her well-connected pimp, Harry. With the help of his friend Chris, Joe must make sure Harry can never threaten Anne again.

Gail Thackray in Treasure Hunt
Gail Thackray in Treasure Hunt
Gail Thackray in Treasure Hunt
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