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Gail Thackray A.K.A Gail Harris

Carnival of Wolves





Gail Thackray aka Gail Harris in Carnival of wolves, directed by Toshiya Nagasawa, starring Mike Norris, Stoney Jackson, Forrest Montgomery 


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Review by Elf

If Mike Norris is in a movie and if that movie also has cameos by Joe Estivez and Chink Webber, we are all over it like Santa on unapealing vavm. We are talking about 3 B hall of famers, so it was with great anticipation that we got the chance to do a unit and get some b. As we discussed Mike Norris deserved a full show but it was us who got the full show. Mike Norris, you are our inspiration.

The second this movie started, it earned a can. The thing is from 1996 and the first few seconds had the quality of 80s adult VHS.And we would have absolutley stuck with this one in 94 because the second scene was in a strip club owned by the immortal Chink Weber. Anyway, Norris plays a cab driver who got canned for slapping around all the customers like the Beaut. So, feeling down, he went to the same bar he went to celebrate his ironman victory. Tough bikers show up and start beating this pud bartender when Norris, a spannish guy playing a black minister, and a Japaneese yazz flute player came to his rescue. Did I mention the Japaneese guy's name cuz that's kinda important. I swear on Aaron Rodger's life it's freaking McQueen. And this wasn't just any bar, it was Joe Estivez's bar. After Joe chases these guys out with a shotgun they hatch this scheme to rob a casino in an alley. I would do it in a minute with you. They actually pull off the robery but then the Chineese casino boss has to come back on them so he takes out Norris'a dad and Norris lets out the most amazing "NOOOOOOOOO!" ever filmed and he takes out the spanish black minister and the bartender. So it was Norris and McQueen vs. the bad guys just like in Death Ring. Amazimg. Of course they take them out. Then they went their seperate ways like Journey for the tearjerker ending. Then the bikers from the bar kill McQueen. Heartbreaking.

What a freaking movie. There's not B too much finer than this. It had it all. Whole story lines not making any sense, awful awful acting, and some of the worst stunts since Journey to the West. Couldn't have been more made for Sid. This is a must view for the upper level B afficianato. Norris was at his best here check these lines:
"Poor b**tard"
"This is peachy just f**king peachy"
and "Give my reguards to Jimmy" right before he capps a guy. Bravo Matt Collins. Drive-in totals I think I would like to shower with you we could do it in the shower too.

2 guys killed by dollar store cap guns
1 casino goon mullett
1 casino goon Baji
1 Vachs style stabs to the hand of Joe E.
3 terribly acted death scenes
5 full hearty cans of manwich

Gail Thackray in Carnival of Wolves
Gail Thackray in Carnival of Wolves
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