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How it all started, the journey

and where I am today 


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Gail has appeared on FOX, NBC, CBS, Hallmark Channel, Home & Family,Fox & Friends, Good Morning San Diego, Good Day Today,Today Show, Channel 5 News and many more


At 19 I took some nude photos out of my boyfriend’s trash and sold them for top dollar to some sexy magazine. Little did I realize that would be the start of my wild crazy ride of more than two decades running a business in the sex industry and ultimately owning the largest erotic library in the world. From working with the likes of Hugh Hefner and Guccione to the launch of naked pics on the web, it was a fun, sometime hilarious journey as a young blond maneuvering my way through a man’s world.


Then at age 40 I decided to quit the business to go on a spiritual journey and ended up becoming a speaker and coach in the new-age world. I never bothered to tell anyone what I used to do. So why did I write this book now?


Firstly, it’s my belief that to be spiritual doesn’t mean you have to be some monk meditating your entire life. I believe you can be spiritual, sexy and successful and I want people to embrace all sides of themselves. I wouldn’t be authentic if I didn’t share my story.


Secondly, with all the talk of sexual inequality in the press, I think people have a warped sense of this mysterious underworld as some place where men over-power women for dark sexual pleasure. I wanted to share how women often wear the pants and how vulnerable and insanely funny men can be, in their chase of power, money and ultimately the love of women. 


And thirdly, it’s just too much fun not to share


My book takes you on an insider look of the whole sex industry from soft-core magazines such as Playboy to the advent of the Internet. To boot I was a “wannabe” mainstream actress at the time and so I share what was really going on with the whole Hollywood Casting Couch.


This is not about a woman as a victim, dishing out the dirt on powerful men in Hollywood and the Sex Industry, it’s actually a light-hearted, often hilarious look at the real inner workings of two male-dominated-industries and how I managed to maneuver the mines, survive the pitfalls and look back at just how crazy men can be.   

The scope of the book covers years of some of the juiciest topics; from behind-the-scenes on the most notorious players in the sex biz, to working with a group of “investors” who turned out to be the mob, to the development of technology through the Internet sex sites in the dot com boom and Yahoo passing me all the “naughty sex searches they didn’t want.” It’s loaded with massive bank scams and explosive stories that really happened. The journey finds me in lots of sticky situations, dodging mob hits and the FBI and occasionally falling in love.

It contains a lot of personal details and real-life scandals, many of which have not been revealed before. As the book launched, I am already facing lawsuits and people trying to get the book banned. I could have sugar-coated anything explosive- but then there wouldn’t be anything left.



I continue to work as a success coach, helping people realize their true potential. If you are interested in learning more about my workshops, events and online tips, you can find me here:

Gail Thackray in Business suit

Star of numerous cheesie bmovies, scream queen

extraordinaire and lots of other embarrassing stuff

Had a blast working with Roger Corman, and directors like Jim Wynorski,

Fred Olen Ray and Cell Block Sister’s Henri Charr and doing

action movies with Jalal Merhi of Film One

Gail Thackray in Sorority House Massacre 2
Gail Thackray in Cell Block Sister, Banished Behind Bars
Gail Thackray in Cell Block Sister, Banished Behind Bars

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