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10 Things People Find Sexy

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

- You May Be Surprised

finding your sexiness

If you ask people what they think is sexy, you may be surprised at their responses. Most people’s answers will not be about the way you dress or what you look like. It’s all about Charisma but what does that mean?

Here are 10 traits that people find instantly attractive.

1. Passion – People are attracted to people who have passion. This is probably the number one charismatic trait. And it doesn’t seem to matter what you are passionate about, just that you are passionate about something. When you are truly loving your life, your work and you exude passion people find this attractive. Stop worrying about being liked and what people think, immerse yourself in what you love, and they will love you.

2. When you make other’s feel good – People are attracted to someone who makes them feel good. Someone who is attentive, a good listener and you feel like there could be a million other things going on, but they are giving the attention to you. If you are truly interested in others this is easy and you are naturally attractive. If not, make an effort to really listen and get to know the other person.

3. Sparkle in the eyes – The eyes speak volumes. When people are listening to you and interested in the conversation, they have direct eye contact. The eyes show their excitement, passion, mystery. It’s hard to fool someone with your eyes, but what you can do is make a conscious effort to make longer deeper eye contact with someone you are talking to.

4. Being Positive – We are attracted to people who make us feel good and optimism helps to lift our spirits. I am not saying that we are not sad sometimes but generally looking on the bright side not only makes us feel better but makes people around us feel better.

5. Being Honest – this doesn’t mean having to share everything with everyone, however when we are being authentic people know and trust us. If you try to be someone you are not, people know something is “off.” It shows through your body language and people have a feeling you are not being authentic. So just be you, the real you, even if you don’t like everything about you it is better to be authentic.

6. Smile – laughter, smiling and happiness are contagious. There is nothing sexier that a genuine inviting smile. Smiling at someone is the way we tell some one they are loved and they are special. Smile a lot! A sense of humor, many will tell you is a very sexy trait but you don’t have to be a comedian, just start looking on the bright side of things.

7. Love yourself first – we have heard this over and over. If you are hiding something about yourself, that you feel unworthy or you feel shame or guilt, this shows up in our energy. It shows up in our body language and the words we say. Do some deep searching and forgive yourself and move on. The past is the past and it shaped who you are today. Now love yourself for who you are today.

8. Taking care of yourself – you may think sexiness is all down to the way you look but there are people thought of as extremely attractive who are not blessed in the physical looks department and they come in all shapes and sizes. How you take care of yourself, taking pride in your appearance, to look your best will let people know you are worthy. Eating healthy and getting exercise make you feel better about yourself and it shows.

9. Confidence – This is often the term people use when you ask what is charisma but confidence is just an outward showing of how you feel inside. When you are passionate about what you do and you don’t worry about what others think, you become naturally confident. If you have a hard time with this, start with areas of your life where you do feel accomplished, such as work or even a single project or about a hobby, or being a good parent and give yourself a pack on the back for that, over time confidence will spread.

10. Body Language – you may feel sexiness it is the way someone carries themselves with their shoulders wide and standing tall. This actually comes naturally when you complete the steps above. If you try to act with body language people will know. Rather love yourself and be passionate about life and your body will start to reflect the newer sexier you.

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