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Angry Celebs Try to Ban New Tell-All Book about Hollywood & the Sex Biz

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Gail Thackray, the author of the tell-all book "Running with Wolves: A woman’s Memoir of Sex, Sandal and Seduction" is getting sued for defamation after the release of her funny but shocking memoir.

Not surprising, since the book has all kinds of juicy real-life details on naked celebrity photos, bank scams, hidden sex tapes and working with the mob.

Thackray ran a naked photo business in the 80’s and 90’s amassing a library of thousands of nude layouts of models (including Stormy Daniels and a few celebrities) which she sold to magazines like “Penthouse.” Working with Larry Flynt, Guccione and Hugh Hefner, she shares the life and parties at the Playboy Mansion.

At the launch of the Internet, Thackray owned the largest erotic library in the world with over a million nude photos and was the premier provider of sexy images to the web. Her library was ultimately valued at over $50 million.

“Naked pics hit the web and it was like men all over the world were losing their minds!” explains Thackray, as she describes the drug crazed parties during the dot com boom and the creation of online porn.

Thackray was also at the time, a scream queen starlet (aka Gail Harris) and she reveals the inner workings and “both sides” of the Hollywood Casting Couch, until she finally landed at the respected CAA with Michael Ovitz. She starred in a slew of Roger Corman B movies and Quentin Tarantino’s Personal Favorite “Cell Block Sisters.”

The book spans more than two decades of both the Hollywood underworld and the ins-and-outs of the sex biz. It contains jaw-dropping details about working for the Mob and how they made millions in online porn. It is filled with scandalous revelations such as shopping sexy pics of a famous Billionaire’s wife with attorney Keith Davidson who recently represent Stormy Daniels in the hush money payoff to Michael Cohen for President Trump.

And if you’re surprised that Kim Kardashian confessed she was on drugs during the making of her sex tape, wait until you read the story of another celebrity sex tape, where the star overdosed on drugs and almost died in the John Belushi room at the Chateau Marmont.

The book is an incredible insider view of the whole sex industry from soft-core magazines to the advent of the Internet.

Thackray’s memoir is not about a woman as a victim, dishing out the dirt on powerful men in Hollywood and the Sex Industry, it’s actually a light-hearted, often hilarious look at the real inner workings of two male-dominated-industries and how a young woman was able to hold her own.

Still some people Thackray includes in the book, don’t seem to have such a sense of humor.

“I knew I was going to get some kick-back, but the book’s only been out for five minutes and I’m already getting hate mail,” says Thackray, who is facing violation of a $1 million court gag order and numerous defamation claims. As her book launched on Amazon last week it was met with a slew of people contacting their legal department trying to get it banned.

“I’m not violating any content standards, so they can’t do anything,” Thackray says.

“This really happened,” insists Thackray about stories in the book, “I’m not trying to hurt anyone but if I started sugar coating anything explosive, there’d be nothing left! Real life is sometimes so absurd it’s hilarious and I just couldn’t make this stuff up. These stories are just so fun, I had to share.”

The journey finds Thackray in lots of sticky situations, dodging mob hits and the FBI and occasionally falling in love. Think “Wolf of Wall Street” in the sex biz.

“It’s raw, it’s juicy, it’s hilariously funny,” say readers.

Today, Thackray is currently in talks with producers to turn her sexy story into a TV series. The first taker on this was originally Harvey Weinstein, one week before his scandal broke out.


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