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Stormy Daniels was a Business Woman Interested in Building her Brand, says Author of Expose Sex Biz

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Stormy Daniels was a Business Woman Interested in Building her Brand, says Author of Expose Sex Biz Book

Stormy Daniels, Dallas Texas on August 7, 2015 - Photo by Glenn Francis of
Stormy Daniels, Dallas Texas on August 7, 2015 - Photo by Glenn Francis of

Gail Thackray, the author of the tell-all sexy book Running with Wolves: A woman’s Memoir of Sex, Sandal and Seduction,” reveals her life as the owner of largest erotic library in the world, having produced naked photos on thousands of women including Stormy Daniels.

Porn star Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, made headline news after she said she had an affair with Donald J. Trump. She went on to author a book about the alleged affair, and even filed a lawsuit against the sitting President.

“We were shooting for almost every nude magazine in the business, from High Society to Penthouse, to Club, all of them. We had over a million images! So yes, we shot several girls that turned out to be celebrities and of course Stormy Daniels,” Thackray says.

“There were generally two types of models, those that were amateurs that would pose nude for a magazine probably only once or twice and we’d use a fake name. Then there were the ones that came to us for the publicity.

Some of the girls were looking to be in the magazines to promote their career, such as the mega boob exotic dancers. These girls had fantastically produced professional strip shows and were bringing in the big bucks. They’d work as a ‘featured dancer,’ Las Vegas style, with elaborate shows and costumes. But the rate they got from the clubs depended on their exposure. That’s where we came in. If we could make them a Busty Beauties Centerfold, their rates could double!

Stormy had huge boobs and my photographer Mark Stone shot Stormy for Morgan Hagen the editor of Busty Beauties Magazine, a Larry Flynt Publication and Hagen loved her. Stormy had Hagen wrapped around her little finger and he promoted the heck out of her.”

Thackray describes some of the hilarious inner workings of the Flynt organization and some very juicy details of the various shoots.

“I think Stormy had just started to do some porn movies when she came to model for us, but I don’t think she was really into it. I don’t think she was really into the modelling either, it was what she had to do to at the time to get top billing on the road. She was ambitious and driven and I think it was a business decision for her. It was about making herself into a brand.

In my book I talk about how people assume the sex biz is all about men suppressing women, but many times it was the women who called the shots. Stormy was one of those women!

We had several girls that posed nude for us that were unknown at the time but later came out as well-known celebrities.”

Gail shares in her book about shopping naughty pics and a sex tape of another major celebrity. Although Gail doesn’t name the attorney who orchestrates the deal in the book, we later discovered this happened to be Keith M. Davidson, the celebrity attorney who also represented Stormy Daniels in the $130,000 pay-off she allegedly received from Cohen on behalf of Trump. Stormy later fired Davidson who she says colluded with Cohen to have her publicly deny her affair with Trump.

Thackray’s explosive book is loaded with juicy stories

The scope of the book covers years of her time in the sex biz from the 80’s and 90’s through the launch of naked photos on the web. It contains details on behind-the-scenes on the most notorious players in the sex biz, to the development of technology through the Internet sex sites in the dot com boom and Yahoo passing Thackray all the “naughty sex searches they didn’t want.” It’s loaded with massive bank scams and explosive stories whose details have never before been revealed. The journey finds Thackray in lots of sticky situations, dodging mob hits, the FBI and more.

It’s not what you would expect, It’s not dishing out the dirt on powerful men in Hollywood and the Sex Industry, it’s actually a light-hearted, often hilarious look at the real inner workings of a male-dominated-industry. Thackray emerges as a brave young girl who manages to hold her own and do it with a sense of humor.


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