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Jeff Bezos of Amazon reveals existence of naked “Dick Pic” and Amazon Refuses to Ban My Expose Book

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Good for you Jeff Bezos, who shockingly wrote a blog saying that The National Enquirer had tried to blackmail him, threatening to expose the existence of naked photos of him.

Apparently, The National Enquirer had possession of some scandalous photos of Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, taken during his relationship with Lauren Sanchez. The photos included a shot of Bezos in a pair of black shorts with a protruding erection, as well as a “selfie” Bezos took of himself in the mirror- a naked “Dick Pic.”

Jeff Bezos By Seattle City Council from Seattle
Jeff Bezos By Seattle City Council from Seattle

Surprisingly, Bezos turned the table not only by refusing Mr. Pecker of AMI’s (National Inquirer’s) blackmail offer but stopping the gossip in its tracks. Bezos fought back, by writing a public blog on the blogger platform Medium, where Bezos not only openly admitted to the existence of the photos but exposed the blackmail letter in full.

And the public reaction was to commend Bezos for it!

Have times changed? Since porn is so readily available on the Internet today, is a dick pic of a celebrity really that big of a deal anymore?

I recently released my book on Amazon “Running with Wolves, a Woman’s Memoir of Sex Scandal and Seduction,” my true-life story of owing and running the largest erotic library in the world. It documents my humorous journey working with the likes of Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynt and Guccione through the launch of porn on the web.

I wrote this in part to show the world that this business was not some dark horrible seedy industry, dominated by oppressive men. Rather it was a real business, much more up-standing than that of the Hollywood Casting Couch I was experiencing in my other “legitimate” career. And even though it has intimate details of some well-known figures, it’s not an exposé meant to dish out the dirt, rather it’s a hilariously funny story of what the business was really like.

I was, however, somewhat trepidatious to release it. Nervous, that I would be shunned for exposing such a hot topic right now. I was very nicely surprised at the out pouring of support I received.

I’m hopeful that we can take a lighter look at something we all enjoy- Sex!

The book contains some details about a few celebrities who unlike Bezos tried to get these details concealed. The book had barely been launched when several parties petitioned Amazon trying to get my book banned. Amazon unwavering, took my side and said they would not remove my book from their platform. Although it contains details of the antics of a few Hollywood celebrities and gives a bird’s eye view of the sex industry, Amazon doesn’t interfere when it comes to publishing such a memoir.

Bezos taking a stand today, basically stating “Naked pics-bring it on,” gives me hope that we can finally stop taking sex so seriously.

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