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Sexy Book Gets Attention of British Press

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Of course the Brits are proud of their own young lass from Leeds that made it in Hollywood. The British press were all over Gail Thackray’s new sexy tell-all book about Hollywood and the soft-core magazine industry, and Gail is planning a UK book tour shortly.

“I don’t like this headline so much,”

Gail says,

“I was never a porn star and they knew that, but ‘porn queen’ sounds like the same thing. I suppose it sells papers!”

Gail was a model for several brands in the UK including Tetley’s Bitter. Though even some of her early modelling was rife with scandal, including posing several times for “page 3” (British newspapers have a topless girl on page 3 of the paper!)

Thackray was the British Gas spokes model until the 12 month calendar came out and the women of British Gas had it banned for being too suggestive and sexist. Of course this made it all the more sought after and the limited copies of the calendar were sold for a small fortune. Then her stint for Vladivar Vodka, got the company in a whole lots of legal trouble when they ran a billboard of Gail in a Pan-Am uniform that read something like “Join the Mile High Club with Vladivar Vodka.” It was Gail’s contract with Marlboro Cigarettes that took her to the US and thankfully away from the brewing British scandal.

And from there Gail landed in Hollywood… and the rest is in the book!



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